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Q. What is the quality of your photo strip?

A. Our professional quality dslr camera, sub-liminal dye thermal printers and customised set up by our resident graphic artist produces the best quality photo strips in the industry.


Q. How many photo strips are printed with each shot?

A. Traditionally we print two photo strips per shot however for an additional fee we can utilise ‘facial recognition’ and print enough photo strips for everyone in the picture.


Q. Can I put our logo on the photo strip?

A. Yes. Our designer can integrate your logo or graphic onto any strip as long as it is in the right digital format.  We can also put on names and dates to record your special event.


Q. How long does it take to set up your photo booth?

A. We like to arrive an hour and a half before our start time to set up.  We prefer to work directly with the venue to ensure we do this as discreetly as possible which sometimes requires us to set up earlier and then come back to run the event later (at no extra charge).


Q. How much space do you require to set up your photo booth?

A. We need a 2metre x 2metre sheltered space.  We also need to allow for the height of our booth (2.5 metres).  Access to a power point is also required.


Q. How many people can fit inside your photo booth?

A. We can fit up to 8 people and any one time (10 at a squeeze)!


Q. What back drops do you have?

A. As a standard back drop we have a range of colours available.  These can also be themed for an additional fee (eg Halloween spider’s web).  We also have the technology to offer green screen allowing you to be anywhere you like.


Q. Can I have colour and black and white photos?

A. Yes you can.  We can also offer sepia and retro!


Q. Can I have video and photo strips in the same hire?

A. Yes, absolutely! You can follow the prompts on our live screen and choose ‘video’ option or colour/black and white photos.


Q. How long can our videos be?

A. Usually we programme them to be 30 seconds as we have found this to be a perfect amount of time to get a concise message across.  However if you would like a different time we can sort that out for you.


Q. Can I hire the photo booth at the start when our guests arrive at the reception and again during the reception after the formalities?

A. Yes. We can have the booth operating during different times though there is a ‘stand-by’ fee when the booth is unoccupied.


Q. Where can I view my photos after the event?

A. After the event we will give you a dvd or flash drive with all your photos downloaded as a keepsake.  We will also post them on our website gallery for your guests to enjoy.


Q.  Can I share my photo booth photos online?

A. Yes. We will give you an option when you are in the booth to send your photos to your email address.  When the booth is in wifi range it will send your picture to your email to share as you like.


Q. Do you provide props?

A. Yes we have a wide array of props for free with every hire.


Q. Will there be someone at my event to help us on the night if we have any problems?

A. We always provide at least one fantastic, friendly host to help with the flow of the event, guest book entries, prop tidy ups and any technical queries.


Q. Can I provide my own album for my guests to stick their photos in?

A. Yes you can but please remember to provide pens and a glue stick too. We also have some albums available for your convenience. Please ask.


We understand all events are unique so if you have any further questions or seek clarification please contact us on 021 041 7290

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